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We worked with the professional photographers
 of Click Pro Elite and one of the country's largest law firms
to create the most comprehensive contracts and agreements for photographers of all levels.

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December 11th

Image by Amanda Barrick

Image by Anna Sandstrom

A network for the hobbyist photographer...

...and the business photographer.

Elevating our businesses and brand identity through shared skills and strategy. 

Pursuing advanced artistic development through  creativity, community, and conversations.  

A network for the hobbyist photographer...

and the business photographer.

Video by Click Pro Elite member, Sarah Krieg

Images Shared

Image by Sarai Jacobs

Find out what sets you apart, your personal  kryptonite and how you can break through your creative challenges.

What is your Creative Superpower?

Image by Carmody Baker

Image by Bethany Sams

Image by Merja Varkemaa

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Leicester, UK
Saranya Padamanaban

It gave me the confidence I needed about my work. That confidence helped me push my boundaries and experiment. This wonderfully talented group of women opened my eyes to new genres of photography and helped me grow. I will always be thankful for the friendship and camaraderie I have in this group.

Click Pro was a turning point in my photography journey...

Michigan, USA
Megan Loeks

To be part of such an inspiring community of professional women photographers was a long term goal of mine, and suddenly I found myself humbly among them. The day I received my acceptance into Click Pro Elite forever changed and shaped me into the photographer I am today.

I’ll never forget the day I received the email and I don’t think any Click Pro Elite does.

Muscat, Oman

The support I received in this community was incredible. I gained friendships from like minded people who share the same passion as me. I learned and continue to learn and grow from being amongst this diverse group of talented artist. Click Pro Elite challenges me and pushes me to go and explore beyond my usual norms.

What started off as a validation step in my photography journey turned out be much more.

Georgia, USA

An opportunity to learn from other talented and distinguished photographers. An opportunity to uplift and inspire up and coming photographers. An opportunity to reach new levels that might not otherwise have even been presented to me. An opportunity to prove AND improve myself. Click Pro Elite is a journey of ups and downs that come with many revelations about self and I’m thankful it’s a journey I get to take part in.

Click Pro Elite, to me, is an opportunity.

Goa, India

As an expat and traveling photographer my life is nomadic. Being a Click Pro Elite means always having a community of inspiring, supportive, creative ladies who push me artistically, hold me to the highest standards in the industry, and accompany me on my photography journey, no matter where in the world I might be. To be a part of an organization that highlights the immense voice of females of all genres of photography is truly humbling.

Being a Click Pro Elite means always having a community...

Marsielle, France

Being surrounded by such incredible talent is totally humbling, which is actually the best thing I could hope for. When I look at the images on the Daily Project it reminds me how far I am from being the photographer I want to be, how much I still have to learn. Sometimes this feeling is painful, almost discouraging. But in the end, this is what makes me want to reach for the stars. I can’t thank enough this fabulous community of artists for setting the standards so high that I know for sure I will never stop growing.

Click Pro Elite was just a beginning!

Perth, Australia

I wear with great pride and humility. It means I belong to a community of likeminded artists and storytellers, who are constantly striving to improve their craft. It means I hold myself accountable to a higher standard and push myself creatively to grow and learn.

Being a Click Pro is a true badge of honour...

The Wedding 
+ Events Contract

Model Release

-Editable 26 Clause Template with detailed Guide.
-Bonus Safety Action Plan

Third Party Payer Agreement

-Editable Template and detailed Guide


An agreement between the Client, Paying Party, and Photographer that regulates the Paying Parties contractual rights and obligations.




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